Our strategy

In an increasingly volatile, complex and risky market environment, a robust strategy is decisive for success. Our strategy is the framework that defines how we act in our environment. It specifies the ways and means we choose to achieve our objectives. It is our programme for the future, and ensures that we remain competitive in the long terms, bring our customers benefits, and can invest in the future.

Regularly glancing at the summit in order to gauge the weather conditions is an important step towards ensuring that you focus on the right things during your climb.


We are passionately committed to the success of our customers and to a better world.


We take a long-term approach in our actions, and create a professional environment where people are appreciated, which is good for our business: 

  • market leadership,
  • customer focus,
  • innovation and inspiration.


The five key aspects of our strategy help us to focus on reinforcing our leading position in a competitive environment.

We are pursuing five strategic angles:

  • Market development
  • Business diversification
  • Digital transformation
  • Culture change
  • Sustainable future




Our employees are the most important factor when it comes to the implementation of our strategy. We employ people that hail from over 20 different countries in our company. This reflects the diversity of our world.

  • As different as these people and their cultures are, everyone in our team shares the same values:
  • We believe in fairness and trust, both within, as well as outside the company.
  • We respect all cultures. Our values guide our actions, decisions and the way we work with each other
  • We focus on the success of our customers.
  • We look ahead and towards the future. We have reached the position we are in today thanks to an international team of people with innovative ideas, passion and the courage to be pioneers.


The Mayer family's approach to doing business has a considerable influence on the KARL MAYER Group, and provides the management and all employees with clear guidance.

Long-term and profitable growth, as well as ensuring our continued financial independence, are the corner stones of our corporate strategy.

Innovativeness and looking towards the future have made us what we are today.

Fairness and trust govern all of our internal, as well as our external, interactions and define how we treat our employees, our customers and our business partners.

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