Our machinery portfolio

Innovations that move the textile world

Our group of companies is primarily active in the area of textile machine engineering. Our business activities focus on the two most important stitching processes, warp knitting and knitting, as well as on technical textiles and weaving warp preparation.

Warp knitting machines

In the warp knitting area, the KARL MAYER brand produces tricot, raschel and double needle bar raschel machines for the manufacture of high-quality non-stretch and stretch fabrics.

Flat knitting machines

The family brand STOLL stands for the KARL MAYER Group's flat knitting technology expertise. Our fashion and technical textile flat knitting machines feature smart patterning and production planning solutions that unlock a wide range of possibilities. 

Warp Preparation Machines for Weaving

For weaving warp preparation, our portfolio offers sizing and assembling machines, beaming machines and direct warpers, sectional warpers, warp sampling machines, denim dyeing units and creels.

Technical textiles

Our machinery range for the manufacture of technical textiles includes weft insertion and stitch bonding machines, as well as fibre-spreading lines. These machines produce coating carriers, as well as open grid textures and multiaxial non-crimp fabrics for reinforcing the fibres of composite components.

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