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The KARL MAYER GROUP is a mechanical engineering company that offers its own digital solutions in addition to a wide range of products and services of its sector.


Today, the focus of the Group is on textile machinery building. The business activities are focused on the two most important stitch forming processes, warp knitting and knitting, as well as on the areas of technical textiles, warp preparation for weaving and digitalization

The brands of the Group are:

  • KARL MAYER for warp knitting, warp preparation for weaving and the production of technical textiles
  • STOLL for flat knitting
  • STOLL ELECTRONIC for electronic components
  • KM.ON for digital solution

The KARL MAYER GROUP ensures the success of its international customers with economically and technically best products and services, as well as with innovations that move the textile world. KARL MAYER has 3,100 employees. Thanks to its global organization and its claim to produce in its main markets, the group of companies is always close to its customers and their needs. Today, it has subsidiaries in the USA, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Switzerland, as well as agencies in all parts of the world.

The KARL MAYER GROUP is a German family-owned company, which has focused on financial independence and economic sustainability since its foundation in 1937. As a permanent, reliable partner with decades of experience and a high level of quality in all areas, it supports the competitiveness of its customers and business partners.


Warp knitting

For warp knitting, the KARL MAYER GROUP offers lace, tricot, raschel and double needle bar raschel machines for the production of high-quality inelastic and elastic lace, functional underwear and clothing fabrics, spacer fabrics, seamless articles, plush fabrics, curtains, terry fabrics and semi-technical textiles. The company also develops and sells machines for the production of special textiles, for example for medical applications, and warping machines for warp knitting. The manufacturer is the world market leader in its product segments

Technical textiles

For the production of technical textiles, the KARL MAYER GROUP offers weft knitting and stitch-bonding machines as well as fiber spreading machines. The machines are used to produce coating carriers as well as open lattice structures and multiaxial fabrics for fiber reinforcement of composite components. The manufacturer is also developing alternative technologies for the production of multilayer textiles from high-performance fibers such as carbon, glass or aramid fibers. The latest innovations include a spreading and impregnation line for the continuous production of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

Warp preparation for weaving

For warp preparation for weaving, the KARL MAYER GROUP offers sizing and assembling machines, beaming and direct beaming machines, sectional warping machines, warp sampling machines, denim dyeing machines and creels. The manufacturer is the world market leader in its product segments.


Flat knitting

Expertise in the field of flat knitting technology is pooled by the family brand STOLL within the KARL MAYER GROUP. STOLL has been regarded as a reliable manufacturer of high-performance flat knitting machines since 1873. Equipped with intelligent software solutions for patterning and production planning, such as knitelligence®, today's models open up the possibilities of digitization to customers. In addition, STOLL has made a name for itself as a consistent and innovative source of inspiration for the textile and apparel industry in the fashion and technical textiles sector.

Electronic flat modules

Under the name STOLL electronic, we produce a wide variety of electronic flat modules. The electronics produced are characterised by a high packing density of the components and are subjected to several robustness tests, including integrated system tests, during production.



The KARL MAYER GROUP's digital product portfolio is brought together under the family brand KM.ON. It comprises eight solution categories and supports customers by enabling them to optimize their processes and products. The KARL MAYER GROUP employs a team of software specialists and technology experts for the rapid and flexible development of new digital offerings with perceptible added value for customers.

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