New multifunctional RASCHELTRONIC® expands market opportunities

The RJ 4/1 EL sets new patterning standards in the field of four-bar RASCHELTRONIC® machines

KARL MAYER has continued its successful two-product line strategy in the RASCHELTRONIC® sector, and has added a price-performance-optimized variant to the four-bar machine. The new RJ 4/1 EL is the counterpart to the RSJ 4/1, but, in a departure from the previous approach, it can do more than the premium machine. Thanks to the EL pattern drive, customers benefit from significantly greater flexibility. Patterns can be changed quickly and easily without any restrictions on repeat length. The equipment with KAMCOS® 2 also makes it possible to work with pattern data from the KM.ON cloud, for even greater speed and convenience in the transfer of pattern data to the machine. In addition to the patterning performance, the output is also impressive.
With a speed of 1,300 min-1, the RJ 4/1 EL offers the high efficiency for which the RASCHELTRONIC® series is renowned.

You can read more about this new RASCHELTRONIC® here.

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