KARL MAYER inspires the trade world with its textile solutions for more sustainability at ITMA 2023

Naturally beautiful

Chic and functional are no longer sufficient. When it comes to on-trend underwear and apparel fabrics, sustainability is increasingly in demand, alongside look and comfort. The warp knitting machine specialist KARL MAYER is facing new challenges and developing textile solutions that can be produced efficiently on its machines and are characterised by a low ecological footprint. A selection of fabrics and outfits using these solutions was presented at ITMA 2023 and really pulled in the crowds.

“Our customers are desperately looking for new fabrics. And they struck gold with us,” says Gabriela Kluczik. The KARL MAYER textile expert still had her hands full in September, answering countless enquiries about technologies and yarns for producing innovative fabrics. There is great interest from Turkey, in particular.

KARL MAYER hit the bull’s eye with a range of new warp-knitted fabrics, made from staple fibres. Processing yarns from renewable raw materials, such as cotton, wool and even silk, is brand new in warp knitting and pioneering in terms of sustainability. Visitors were really surprised by the results, explains Gabriela Kluczik. Moreover, contributions around lower-effort and waste-reduced production were also discussed.


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