Flexible in all directions, comfortable for any occasion

Innovative warp knitted 4-way elastic fabrics made from a cotton-like yarn for casual business wear

Today businesspeople are increasingly hesitant in front of their closet. They need an outfit in which they can cut a good figure even after the daily commute to work or long-distance travel, and still feel comfortable, in other words, which is chic, comfortable and easy to care for at the same time. The perfect suit is in demand, and it can be made from a warp knitted fabric that was created in collaboration between the KARL MAYER GROUP and the Shenghong Group.

Synergies through the cooperation of experts

KARL MAYER, the world market leader in the field of warp knitting machines, among other things, contributed the possibilities of its machine technology and textile know-how to the partnership. The industrial giant Shenghong supported with its capacities in the field of man-made fiber production.

The aim of the joint project was to combine the advantages of warp knitting technology with the benefits of a cotton-like yarn to develop an elastic fabric with 4-way stretch for casual suits for businesspeople. The basis for this was a three-bar tricot machine and the yarn COTTIMA-Q SUMITAN.

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