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KARL MAYER North America invites you to its 2nd Textile Innovation Conference, June 25 - 27, 2024 in Greensboro

KARL MAYER North America looks forward to welcoming a large number of trade visitors to its 2nd Textile Innovation Conference. The top-class event will take place from June 25 to 27, 2024 in Greensboro and is primarily aimed at brands, designers and manufacturers within the textile industry.

Premises of KARL MAYER North America

Textile supply chain partners and R&D specialists will also benefit from the conference topics, as the industry is in a state of transition, challenged by deeply intertwined overseas supply chains, limited domestic manufacturing capabilities, and sustainability constraint measures. Additionally, overseas companies that exploit the "de minimis" tax loophole, especially ultra-fast fashion players avoid U.S. taxes by dividing their shipments into many small packages of limited value. In doing so, they are driving many U.S.  textile mills to permanently close their operations.

The Textile Innovation Conference’s approach to all these challenges is to meet with thought leaders who can share their industry insight and at the same time connect business partners who can collaborate to drive growth.

„The primary goal of the conference is to connect the US-based textile supply chain so brands can compete and win with American-made products.  The success of the North American textile industry also depends on the ability to develop new talent and implement advanced technologies. The conference therefore provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and presentation of technological advances in the textile industry."

Mariano Amezcua , President of KARL MAYER North America

The Textile Innovation Conference combines an exhibition of selected technologies with a first-class lecture program. The list of speakers includes representatives from fashion, sportswear, and footwear brands such as New Balance, Under Armour, Dillard's and Myant as well as renowned educational and research institutions such as North Carolina State and Kent State  universities.

KM.ON, the software company of the KARL MAYER GROUP, will introduce  its latest solutions for the warp knitting industry: Digital Production Management (DPM) for the massive simplification of management, leadership and planning; and, the Quality Monitoring System (QMS) as a revolutionary solution for quality management on warp knitting machines. CREATE DESIGN, a software solution to streamline the development and design process for knitwear, will also be presented.

The accompanying technology exhibition with machines from KARL MAYER and STOLL will also focus on the topics of increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing operating costs.

An interested audience on the 1st Textile Innovation Conference 2023

“By providing a platform for discussion and learning, while bringing together diverse stakeholders, our second Textile Innovation Conference will contribute to the overall advancement and sustainability of the textile industry.”

Mariano Amezcua , President of KARL MAYER North America

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